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Yes, they are beautiful, clear glass ta-ta's with 18k gold enameled tips.  I was wanting to make something fun and kinetic and something totally different from my current work.  This has allowed me to explore new ideas, designs, and concepts.  


Though these are fun, I made these for a purpose.  As an artist, it is not always easy or even possible to donate to an orginization you believe in.  However, if I can use my work to help me acrue funds, then you better believe I am going to try.  10% of the sale of each earring set will go to the Cancer Research Foundation. 


These earrings are made with clear glass.  The metal findings are gold filled.  Each set is packaged in a black velvet satchel and neatly tucked into a custom Lauren Hunt Glass jewelry box.  - Please feel free to do your own research on this organization.  


Golden Ta-Ta's

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