Say hello to the Daisy cup!  She's the first in my new "Flower Power" series.  Adorned with colorful flower murrini, each cup is more unique than the last.  A colorful lip wrap tops off the rim of the glass, giving another nod to traditional hand blown glass techniques.  


*Fun Fact : One way to know if a glass is hand made or not, if the rim of the glass has a separate band of color, it is infact hand made.   Machines cannot manufacture glass with a separate band of glass color around the lip. 


*Murrini : Murrine are colored patterns or images made in a glass cane that are revealed when the cane is cut into thin cross-sections.


*Cups sold individually.*


Dimensions : 

6" x 3"

*Each cup is hand made.  Dimensions will vary.

The "Daisy" Cup